A Feast for the Broken.

Softly, tears trickled down her face The burden of the world on her name How could she live?  Not knowing what's up his sleeve Slowly, gently she brought herself to sleep Forcefully, tactfully it just wouldn't gree Depressed and sad, a thought came Yes, she knew it was lame With her tired heart and fired... Continue Reading →


It was that era The time of destruction Lead, fired, executed By a single man A knight of the night A warrior in black cloak One who has broken free From the shackles of mortality Simple yet dangerous It was that era When the single man Watched and laughed At the brilliant chaos Right before... Continue Reading →


‚ÄčThis or That BOOK TAG. Nyse at  Heyitsnyse, a beautifully talented and sweet soul nominated me for this tag that was created by Ayunda at Tea & Paperbacks. It's fun, it's witty, the questions though simple are tactically difficult to answer but answer them we must. Visit their pages, you won't be disappointed.        ... Continue Reading →

Blue Devils.

Earlier today, whilst sorting some of the books and jotters I had, I came across some poems I wrote.  Hey! Wait there before you turn your back on that word. I know it's the most unlikely go-to for a number of people but this was how I started writing. This is my niche too. Poetry... Continue Reading →

Maroon [A Short Story]

Abby has been married for two years but only one thought had occupied her mind. The dark clad figure that had showed up at her home that night, her ex job in criminal division definitely had its down side. "I loved you but you betrayed me", he had said,"you won't last here". "I'd kill you",... Continue Reading →

Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (#1)

Thank you my fellow "desserts" dispenser again for this curiosity-inclined nomination (haha curiosity kills the cat but I guess yours have nine lives). Wanderlust is one of the blogs I have come to realize I look forward to opening everyday. Your multiple unrelated posts in a day still won't cease to amaze me. Thanks a lot. (Tell... Continue Reading →

And Again…

I was going to put up something else today but this completely sabotaged my plans and the funny thing is, I still have another to answer to. Okay! So I got nominated again in a single song voice. O'Shine thank you so much for thinking my "cupcakes" cool enough for optical consumption.  His blog, O'Shine ORIGINAL, would... Continue Reading →


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