Singing in the meadow, under the bright blue sky
The horizon afar like a thin long line
Clouds in the sky, with silver linings
And the sun coming up, on a bright morn
Crystal clear droplets, of dew drops on leaves
Birds chirping in harmony, like an orchestra
Grasses so green and pleasing to the eye
Sweet scented flowers, hmm, what a fragrance
Beautiful black snake, small but scary

The gardens a maze, you could get lost in them
Trees standing, bearing bountiful ripe fruits
Plantation in the distance, wow, what a sight
Eagles swooping, for animals to feed on
The vultures on the lookout, for dead fallen preys
Beautiful white rabbit, hopping in style
Hunting for carrots to quench its hunger
And Presto! It disappeared
Egrets, white and beautiful, playing in the meadow
Cows grazing in the nearby bush
Swans so graceful, in their white coats
Butterflies so colorful, sucking nectars
And ofcourse, termites in their mounds; their home of sand
Ants so microscopic, so minuscle
In search of food for their weary selves

Suddenly the clouds grew dark
First was a drizzle
Then pellets
Then came the heavy rain
The streets were flooded, stalls deserted
And back at the meadow
The egrets flew, like imminent preys
The sun vanished like ’twas never there
Rabbits had since long gone to their abodes
Birds leapt in the air in obvious disarray
Beautiful flowers pelted by little stones of ice
Trees shaking in synchrony with the earth’s tremor
Colorful flowers arose, heavens! So much color
Like in a rainbow’s dome
So was nature at the brink of change
As quiet as a graveyard and deserted like the last day
Still the beauty can’t be beaten
Of this green, colorful nature.

Finally, I put up something. “Pardon me for my first is insipid.” Started with some oldies. Had to do something to fill the emptiness of this blog. I really hope I can be consistent with this. My compositions won’t compare with those of people I hold high but they are the outrageous rants originating from “that place”. Like Dami Ajayi might say this is a “temporary lodge for thoughts in transit”.
Read and leave a remark. Graçias.


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