The dilemma of that African Beauty

There goes the ravishing beauty
Black, silk-textured smooth skin like a babys’
Like a baby’s soft, tender exterior
She’s got a perfect face
Beautiful eyes – they say like a dove’s
Pert nose – quite aesthetic
Well shaped mouth – comely, isn’t it?
Beauteous ear – oh, how they fall!
On her head grew long, curly hair
Typical of one of African descent

Dawn’s clear light brought the sun
That face was struck by its grandeur
Sparkling like stars, the eyes danced
And on them were magnificient lashes
Nose standing in all its elegance
On the lip, a thin film of gloss lay
And the face primmed with a layer of talc
Graceful curves and great charisma
When she speaks you’re left in a daze
How incomplete is this if omitted
Her sound character and amiable personality
An icon she was

In this age of experiments anmd chemicals
That beauty, to her, lost its meaning
The fetish to become a Kardashian
Beclouded her sense of reasoning
On that head now lay artificial hair
With an array of colours, ghetto, it’s called
To be an ebony, now out of fashion
That palish-looking white is her delusion
A grimy visage to an otherwise flawless mass
Thus an immaculate soul was defiled

With topless tops and bottomless skirts
She roams the streets
Catcalls, whistles; all deception
For no man wants a counterfeit, a gyp
Shapen the nose, botox to the face
Only distorting what He hath made
Looks lost, faculties gone
That African beauty went AWOL
Flippantly cocky and implicit
She was a lost cause
A faultless diamond
Deflowered by civilization
Now a cause célèbre
But what can we do

The fair ones want to be fairer, the dark ones want to be fair.
Black is beautiful in all its shades but it seems less people see it these days. Men consider fair girls beautiful so I want to be fair, I want to expose a little so they can fall, and a lot of inconsequential things that run through a lady’s medulla. Remember Cinderalla didn’t have to expose herself and she was the belle of the ball, covered doesn’t equate to ugly. Melanin-rich girls are also really beautiful. There’s a reason you were given that natural color, it’s your niche where you are most beautiful.
There’s this project by Angelica Dass, a brazilian photographer, that reflects on the colors beyond the borders of our codes. She acquires this by referencing with what she calls the pantone color scheme. Humanae is what her chromatic inventory is called. It really is an interesting work in progress you could check it out.

Black is bold, Black is beautiful and our kinky hair is out of this world. #peace


39 thoughts on “The dilemma of that African Beauty

  1. And “black” matches every other colour…u know…colour combo”…no riots…😃
    This is just dopely dope…baarokAllohu feek😘 keelziz

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  2. what a lovely poem. Am an art student still in secondary school and i really appreciate motivated me to continue making my own poems…its indeed a lovely topic that every African woman should read…THANK YOU

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  3. Thank you very much for this rich article, it’s an eye opener to young ladies so that they can start living a real life (not the fake oyinbo life that is not meant for them). They should know, that they are beautiful naturally. However, the author should know, that not all men prefer fair ladies…

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