“Doctor! Doctor! We need help”, these words tumbled out of two teenagers as they ran into the accident and emergency unit of an hospital, with no adult in watch that is. A stretcher was arranged for their brother. He was gasping.  A nurse informed the doctor of their presence and briefed her about his condition. “What is my business if he’s gasping” were the misplaced words that escaped the doctors’ lips. She walked into the waiting room like a bride on her nuptial and was trying to do a CPR for him. He fought hard to keep alive but as he took his final breath his feet extended and poof! he was gone. The brothers held their hands on their heads when they were told but the deletion of that memory by the doctor was a walk in the park, after all, it wasn’t her brother. I was in a corner of the waiting room, a witness to all these.
My mother is a nurse and i have been used to being around the hospital since I was little. In all my years of going there I have never seen so much pomposity engraved in a single person and to think it was a female makes it even worse.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not, sitting on my throne, judging her from a distance but she blew a job or was I the only one that saw that?  There’s this oath doctors take during their induction, the Hippocratic oath, I wonder if anyone goes by it anymore. Even if he was going to die eventually, she should feel at peace with herself knowing she tried but her conscience is dead and has been buried a long time ago, buried possibly with the Hippocratic oath. Women are supposed to be the nicer ones, I mean, the ones who really want to care as best as they can. Should the thirst for equality consume us so much that we are stacking a dozen shoulder pads in our coats too? Usually this results is an eventuality that we are not comfortable with.
St. Luke once said “And remain in the house: eating and drinking such things as they give, for the labourer is worthy of his hire” . This particular laborer was not worthy of any hire because she didn’t save any “bacon”. I bet a lot of people are in for the  money and the “white coat respect” and in the process lose empathy and build a wall of insensitivity around them, like zombies on duty. Has anyone seen the movie “the walking dead”? Hmmm, scrap that. So, what was I saying again? Money! Right!
A lot of times I try to help people re-assess why they are in a certain profession (in my head, that is) and more than 90% of the time, it’s for the money or prestige. Not many people do it just for the love of doing it anymore. I need to be a professor, I’d get a lot of respect from there, I need to be a politician, I can be rich from there, no positive thoughts anymore. People’s mental faculties have been befogged with the familiar haze of materialism and the get-rich-quick epidemic is in the air,careful not to breathe it in pal. Yes, we all want to have some kind of money but it still has to be in respectable ways.
Life is so much more than just me, myself and I. Lighting up people’s candles in ways that you think are small maybe the sole saving grace of a person, a family or even a community. Throw away the side attraction for a second, be altruistic, (even that have seem to have lost its originality when you look closely at it). One good turn deserves another is what they say and this world is such a small place, you just never know.


20 thoughts on “Rationale!

  1. Beautiful piece!
    The lack of empathy is alarming…Not only in the health sector,in the world at large.
    I think that it goes way beyond what she does,Its the individual that’s obviously flawed.

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  2. Tis really true, I think health practitioners should always revisit their motives and actions and reset d right ones if they’ve fallen off track. Let’s make a change
    That was a great piece..

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  3. Tis really true, I think health practitioners should always revisit their motives and actions and reset d right ones if they’ve fallen off track.
    That was a great piece..

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  4. Nyc piece….. You always rock ….keep it up….this is sad but true…and its up to us to make the world a better place….we shud be the change we want to see in the world..# BETHECHANGE….peak,its in you

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  5. Nice write-up! It’s just sad that some doctors are not compassionate… I’ve seen so many “things” too. Thumbs up girl.. Barakallahu feek

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  6. Nice piece I agree with Pope, but I believe most times our upbringing pushes us to occupations we believe would bring in the most bread, so as we grow up our mind is focused on making money or prestige whatever we are brought up to believe is greater.
    The state of the country isn’t helping matters but I believe we could all get better by loving
    our neighbors as ourselves.

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  7. Hmnn…i absolutely agree….witnessing such is really sad….and generally..we all(irrespective of what we do) are becoming super superficial by the minute…no lemme say “day”…and it takes conscious effort(s) and God’s grace to fall back in line, to be………

    Nice one mate…deep stuff about “shallow minds*😃😉
    BaarokAllohu feek

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  8. Yeah, we just never would know..kharma plays a big role in our daily lives…By the time the boomerang wields upon the offender, it would seem like hell’s fury.
    Nice write up dear, the pomposity has dealt in us a craze. We “africans” are so power and pride driven…It’s intoxicating…only God can lead us aright.

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  9. Dope, like always.

    A majority of health workers do not start out as insensitive, I think they get used to the whole stuff and they are gradually desensitized unconsciously. Just like what happens with love and marriage.

    I love the ending. Nice one

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