Not everything in life happens as planned. Sometimes, the good happens; we rejoice, we laugh, we glow and bask in happiness. Other times, the not too good happens; we’re sad, we cry, we lose hope (sometimes) and we’re depressed. All these experiences, good or horrible, are what strengthens us. Just as an ECG have peaks and troughs, so is life. We can’t have it all perfect and no matter how we hard we try, we can’t have it all figured out. We can only picture what we want, it’s up to the almighty to make it a reality. If things are bad today, don’t falter, your sunny days are just around the corner and if things are good, enjoy it whilst thanking Him. Life’s not a rollercoaster, it’s not always going to be an easy ride. So when life presents its dark side, know that He’s there somewhere saving the best for you. So instead of being sad, say to yourself “these are just my dark days, my sunny days are soon to come”.


30 thoughts on “GLOOM.

  1. Life life life….no one knows what is in store for tomorrow, the one thing we can do is to work on ourselves to be prepared for any kind of tomorrow (and to pray like crazy at the same time)….more often than not we can’t control what is going on outside so our best bet is to control our response( and try to be at peace) to whatever life throws our way

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  2. Life oh life!!! Sometimes…it’s smooth, other times rough…full of unforseen circumstances beclouding our visions.
    We are the architect of our own mazes on which we tread.In the words of the late scholar from ikenne..Tai Solarin “May my days be rough”.
    I wish us all a journey worthy of good cheers. Others went before us and attained the light, where they all wait to cheer us like victors in a fight..

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  3. Life is strange , unpredictable but hope keeps us moving. Most times I feel a tad depressed or a tad too happy but no matter my mood I know I owe it to myself to be happy and make others feel better


  4. Life….. the good and the not so good part, we all experience it, I believe wt d right attitude towards challenges, it makes us stronger
    …great write up, the sky is ur starting point

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  5. Life…. the good,the not so good aspect also, all for a purpose, they will surely work out for our good as we trust Him(God)
    ….great write up,the sky is ur starting point, not ur limit

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  6. And the amazing thing which baffles me at the same time….scares me and consoles me (Allahu musta’an) is that you never really know what the next chapter might have in store…the next day…the next minute..or the very next second…..we all really don’t know…we just don’t. Buh we should strive for His pleasure and approval…in all we do..and that should be enough

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