For the depressed…

  • When you are supposed to be way ahead and you’re way behind and you’re dissed by the secondaries. Just watch. Time would tell. 
  • You, my dear, only you can make yourself the best with His help.  Don’t let them get to you. You’re the best, yes you are.
  • To those with cholera-infested mouths, beware! Not everything is a person’s handiwork. There’s divine decree in play here.
  • Success in itself is a test which people fail the most. When your success is at hand, my dear, remember you’ve once been at the other end of the table. Don’t allow it intoxicate you. It was never by your power, it was His mercy.
  • Some people have it worse. Patience, Perseverance, Gratitude always.
  • My dear, overlook the disrespect, disappointment, let down looks, insults, assumptions, comparisons. They’d shape you into that “formidable high” you’re going to be.
  • Life isn’t always smooth. It’s a roller coaster ride. Don’t lose yourself in the trough, be that diamond at the peak.
  • You’re not a fool for apologising even when you know you’ve done nothing wrong. Just chill a little, there’s lot of goodness awaiting you.
  •  Let them run their mouths. Stay silent unless and until it is absolutely necessary and allow only beautiful words tumble out. Let your outspoken words be expensive, very expensive.
  • Not every action requires an equal and opposite reaction, no. No matter how badly you’re treated by some people, don’t lose your head. Be nicer, be the better person.
  • Don’t expect too much from your buddies. Everyone has something that’s taking their time too. If they remember you, it just defines how important you are to them despite their issues or schedules. If not, let go (of any grudge you might have).
  • Live to please God because apart from Him,honestly,  you have no one else you can really rely on. 

I’ve found a lot of not really happy people around and I felt obliged to do this for them. Life might  seem difficult and triumph a little far off but with time, you’d get so near you’d grab it with your bare hands. Being sad or depressed is only going to make your troubles visible to people; friends and foes alike. Some just want to listen  to your story and tell it to others, some don’t have the power to change your situation, some that might have the power, can’t sacrifice their time for you; so, why should you let them see you in distress? You are your best friend.

This is a passing phase, you’d get through it, trust me. And when that phase is over, you’d be so glad you were patient enough to see and feel the goodness and bliss after.

I might not have so much power to turn things around but I hope these words brought into your hearts some hope.

(P.S: I know it’s been a while. Please pardon my laziness.)


70 thoughts on “For the depressed…

  1. Very good advice. I deal with depression. The more you read positive things, the more you absorb the positive vibes the better. When reading posts like this, I also feel like I am not alone, and that other people are going through difficulties like I am an they are able to have lives not controlled by the depression, but free of it and out in the world, living.

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  2. Shayma this is really good. I particularly like if someone does something bad to you, you don’t have to do the same to them. It’s a great way to live your life: you don’t have to engage in anger, retribution and bad stuff which is quite a stabilising and calming approach to life. Well done for thinking so maturely!

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