Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Yay! Thanks a lot wanderlust for this beautiful, beautiful nomination. You see, it’s the first I’ve ever received. Yo people! check out her blog. It’s amazing I tell you. 

Side note: She’s really sweet.

I’m massively grateful for the recognition and if you call yours “chocolates”, I call mine “cupcakes” winks. I do hope they “taste sweeter” each time I share them especially with those delicious creamy toppings.

I really, really wish I could nominate you too.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
  4. Give them 10 questions to answer.

Now let’s get down to business, shall we?

1.  If you were to live another person’s life, whose would it be and why?

No one else’s. My life is just wonderful as it is. People are fickle and so not flawless. There are a lot of side attractions that engage people, making them seem radiant and trouble-free. We all know what we have to deal with, how unhappy we are about certain issues, our vices. Trust me, if living someone else’s life would rid me of troubles, I’d jump at it. What is the use of wanting to live another person’s life and go through the person’s problems. We’d run into some quagmire at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable. 

2.  Favorite film of any genre and why.

I love a lot of movies, I’m having a hard time picking one. Okay then, let’s go with “Spectre”.  It’s an action, suspense-laden, adrenaline-pumping, dry-throat inducing and you-just-can’t-tear-your-eyes-off-the-screen kind of movie. I’m not a fan of mushy romantic movies so I go for a lot of action both the ones that involve guns and bombings and oh! races too and the ones that are martial art related.

3.  Musician or lyricist? Which would you prefer?


4.  What super power would you choose to have?

I would love a lot but let me crop out one here; “some monstrous brain power”.  I mean, I need to be a genius. Lol.

5.  What songs and/or which artists are in your playlist?

You want an honest answer? Errm, you wouldn’t know who “Abdullah Matrood”, “Saad Al Ghamidi” and “Mishary Rasheed Al Afasy” because they are reciters (they recite the Qur’an ). Yes, I’m a muslim and a proud one too.

6.  What do you think is the greatest weakness of mankind?

Fear. Man is in perpetual fear of something or someone irrespective of how much we ignore it. We fear what the future has in store that we don’t fully explore our God-given potentials. We’re scared of failure that we don’t even try to do something different, we’re afraid of people thinking of us as obtuse that we don’t voice our opinions, we’re afraid of how the society would see us if we decide to be honest with them, we’re horrified that this people would think of us as stubborn if we stand on our opinions that we don’t even try to make them, we’re terrified of aging and getting wrinkly that we just ruin that skin before its time, infact, we’re afraid of almost everything.

We have to understand that to be successful, we have to make mistakes. Great minds have a lot of ideas that go down the drain before at least one becomes a hit. Failure they say is success turned inside out. Your opinions could save a lot of people,  including you, a lot of stress. Voice out, if it doesn’t work this time, it sure will next time. Don’t bury your idea in the ghettos of your mind, express it. Let it change someone’s life, let it change your life.

7.  In a word, describe my blog and say why.


You’ve got beautiful write ups there. Some of common knowledge and others rare. But you have a way of renewing issues with your words. Your approach sometimes are unusual (The solitary man), but they end up beautifully and that itself is impressive.

8.  Can you please critique any or one of my posts and tell me how I might be able to improve if I do ever feel like writing one like it some time soon?

I’ve read too many of your posts that I don’t know which to pick. The only issue I might have had, you’ve addressed it. 

Solemn is cool if that’s your niche but there are happy places too.
9.  If I had amnesia, how would you make me remember you? Assume that we have known each other for as long as necessary.

Tough one. Amnesia comes in many “flavours”. If it was treatable,  I’d bring you flowers everyday (since I love them, you’d have seen them around me a lot), I’d relive the things we did together (into detail), action filled movies would be a go to and my face, oh! my face, you’d see it everyday.

10.  If everything starts with a lie, what yours?

Hey! Life’s without problems, did you know that?  Just grab some chocolates, ice cream (vanilla tastest great ai) and just have fun all the days of your life. I hope someone doesn’t punch me in the face for this 

Nominees! drum rolls please

I’m not entirely sure how many people I’m supposed to select but I picked some people anyway. If I didn’t pick you, not to worry, your blog makes sense too. You’re unique in your special ways. This list is in no particular order, I love their works. It’s a truckload of fun going through these blogs, I mean, you’d enjoy yourself. I could start blurbing these blogs but they speak for themselves. Visit, will ya!

Mahn! I can’t wait to see your responses.

Now on to my questions:

  1. What’s your favourite quote and why?
  2. Do you read books? What kind of books and why?
  3. Who’s your favourite author.
  4. Books or Movies, which is your preference? Why?
  5. What was the toughest decision you’ve ever had to make.
  6. What does your blog mean to you?
  7. Who’s your favourite person and why?
  8. Is there anything like “bestfriends”? what is your own idea of one. 
  9. Do you think that sometimes sacrifices aren’t really sacrifices. Why?
  10. Describe my blog. 

Let her beautiful golden rays touch some hearts 😊.


37 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

  1. Hi, good morning, we haven’t meet yet but you liked a comment I made on Tantei’s blog and in general I always visit the blog in question.. You seem to be such a sweet person with a beautiful vision and approach of things in general and life in particular. That’s really something to be proud of and encourage. So well done.
    Have a wonderful week and take good care of yourself. Goodluck with all upcoming events, you seem strong enough to overcome them.
    I’m Idealize from Idealizeblog.

    Liked by 1 person

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