Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (#1)

Thank you my fellow “desserts” dispenser again for this curiosity-inclined nomination (haha curiosity kills the cat but I guess yours have nine lives). Wanderlust is one of the blogs I have come to realize I look forward to opening everyday. Your multiple unrelated posts in a day still won’t cease to amaze me. Thanks a lot. (Tell me what that translates to in the Filipino language so I can use that next time haha)

 Rules of the challenge:

  • Three quotes for three days.
  • Three nominees each day(no repetition).
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Inform the nominees.

Now my first quote for the three days quotes challenge:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir  Walter Scott.

Just like the nominator, mine’s going to be a tad different. Strict rules are boring, glad I’m not the only one that thinks that.

Origin of the Quote:

This quote was forged from Marmion; (A Tale of Flodden Field) by Walter Scott Esq. This epic book was published in 1808. 

This line comes from Canto VI, XVII in the play. In the story, Lord Marmion is trying to win the favor of a rich lady, Clara de Clare. This lady was already involved with someone else, but Marmion decided to use his position to go forward anyway. He accused the lady’s suitor, Sir Ralph de Wilton, of treason. De Wilton has to then flee the country after a duel. Later, Marmion dies in battle, and Wilton comes back and marries the lady.

What It Means:

This quote simply explains the complex disastrous effects of lying. For a person to lie, he has to have a number of cooked up stories in his head which he has to keep track of to keep the lies going. 

Lying for a fact, has unforeseen consequences. One might tell hitherto “harmless” lies that end up destroying things, people and relationships. Bottom line is, lying leads to successive lies and more chaos.

I remember this from somewhere I can’t recollect;

“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable”.

Lying not only destroys a lot of things, it destroys the person too in the long run especially when the truth surfaces. People think twice or even five times before believing any statement that comes from him. He loses respect and his personality has that tag “liar” imprinted on it. Life is so much more beautiful and peaceful when there’s a lot of honesty in play. Yes; the truth, they say, is bitter but would you rather tell the truth and seek forgiveness or tell a lie and lose yourself?


    Visit these blogs and let their works speak for themselves. 

    And so to borrow from a fellow blogger who borrowed from a fellow blogger and a follower (lol), let the games begin…

    17 thoughts on “Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (#1)

    Add yours

    1. That quote”what a tangled web we weave” was used in a song by the band the Eagles.It was used in a song called, “Saturday Night’.
      The lyric went, “What a tangled web we weave. Go round with circumstance. Someone tell me how to tell the dancer from the dance.”
      I am assuming that is where the band got the line from.

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    2. Very well said and congratulations for the nomination. I can’t stand or understand lying. My life was destroyed by lies from those close to me. I believe we live should live in truth and have freedom rather than living in lies and meeting our ruin. When we face the consequences of what we’ve done rather than lie about it, we become better people.

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    3. Hahaha! This was great! But then again, people can’t live without deception. Haha. The last line was awesome! Borrowers, we are. And oooh~… which one would you like to translate? I loved your first quote. A great reminder that those who tell the truth are not compelled to remember anything. A great cupcake!

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