It was that era The time of destruction Lead, fired, executed By a single man A knight of the night A warrior in black cloak One who has broken free From the shackles of mortality Simple yet dangerous It was that era When the single man Watched and laughed At the brilliant chaos Right before... Continue Reading →

Blue Devils.

Earlier today, whilst sorting some of the books and jotters I had, I came across some poems I wrote.  Hey! Wait there before you turn your back on that word. I know it's the most unlikely go-to for a number of people but this was how I started writing. This is my niche too. Poetry... Continue Reading →

Throes of Survival.

  #DailyPost Destitutes they were, those gems uncovered The ores unrefined, so was their look The ghettos their homes; dark and dingy Assumed to be of trivial value Treated like they were the opposites of homo sapiens Their lives of constant struggles, not a sham Dawn breaks, they're out of their dwellings To school, no;... Continue Reading →

The dilemma of that African Beauty

There goes the ravishing beauty Black, silk-textured smooth skin like a babys' Like a baby's soft, tender exterior She's got a perfect face Beautiful eyes - they say like a dove's Pert nose - quite aesthetic Well shaped mouth - comely, isn't it? Beauteous ear - oh, how they fall! On her head grew long,... Continue Reading →


Singing in the meadow, under the bright blue sky The horizon afar like a thin long line Clouds in the sky, with silver linings And the sun coming up, on a bright morn Crystal clear droplets, of dew drops on leaves Birds chirping in harmony, like an orchestra Grasses so green and pleasing to the... Continue Reading →

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