Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (#1)

Thank you my fellow "desserts" dispenser again for this curiosity-inclined nomination (haha curiosity kills the cat but I guess yours have nine lives). Wanderlust is one of the blogs I have come to realize I look forward to opening everyday. Your multiple unrelated posts in a day still won't cease to amaze me. Thanks a lot. (Tell... Continue Reading →

And Again…

I was going to put up something else today but this completely sabotaged my plans and the funny thing is, I still have another to answer to. Okay! So I got nominated again in a single song voice. O'Shine thank you so much for thinking my "cupcakes" cool enough for optical consumption.  His blog, O'Shine ORIGINAL, would... Continue Reading →

Just For Gags…

Africa is one beautiful,  enchanting and diverse continent. That's a lot of colours in the various cultures and traditions; a lot of romp and pomp in our festivities and not to forget the carefully prepared, parotid-inducing, jaw-dropping delicacies prepared to graze our palates. If you've ever been to a party before (and i mean our... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Yay! Thanks a lot wanderlust for this beautiful, beautiful nomination. You see, it's the first I've ever received. Yo people! check out her blog. It's amazing I tell you.  Side note: She's really sweet. I'm massively grateful for the recognition and if you call yours "chocolates", I call mine "cupcakes" winks. I do hope they "taste sweeter" each... Continue Reading →

For the depressed…

When you are supposed to be way ahead and you're way behind and you're dissed by the secondaries. Just watch. Time would tell.  You, my dear, only you can make yourself the best with His help.  Don't let them get to you. You're the best, yes you are. To those with cholera-infested mouths, beware! Not... Continue Reading →

Throes of Survival.

  #DailyPost Destitutes they were, those gems uncovered The ores unrefined, so was their look The ghettos their homes; dark and dingy Assumed to be of trivial value Treated like they were the opposites of homo sapiens Their lives of constant struggles, not a sham Dawn breaks, they're out of their dwellings To school, no;... Continue Reading →

We Mend Ourselves!

#DailyPost Born and bred by no-nonsense parents, we all grew up thinking we've been made. In our self-reliance, we think we have what it takes to not be morally lax. Parents believe they have done the best jobs; their strictness - their positive push, so they think. In my not too short life, I've observed that the... Continue Reading →


Not everything in life happens as planned. Sometimes, the good happens; we rejoice, we laugh, we glow and bask in happiness. Other times, the not too good happens; we're sad, we cry, we lose hope (sometimes) and we're depressed. All these experiences, good or horrible, are what strengthens us. Just as an ECG have peaks... Continue Reading →


"Doctor! Doctor! We need help", these words tumbled out of two teenagers as they ran into the accident and emergency unit of an hospital, with no adult in watch that is. A stretcher was arranged for their brother. He was gasping.  A nurse informed the doctor of their presence and briefed her about his condition.... Continue Reading →

The dilemma of that African Beauty

There goes the ravishing beauty Black, silk-textured smooth skin like a babys' Like a baby's soft, tender exterior She's got a perfect face Beautiful eyes - they say like a dove's Pert nose - quite aesthetic Well shaped mouth - comely, isn't it? Beauteous ear - oh, how they fall! On her head grew long,... Continue Reading →

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