Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (#1)

Thank you my fellow “desserts” dispenser again for this curiosity-inclined nomination (haha curiosity kills the cat but I guess yours have nine lives). Wanderlust is one of the blogs I have come to realize I look forward to opening everyday. Your multiple unrelated posts in a day still won’t cease to amaze me. Thanks a lot. (Tell me what that translates to in the Filipino language so I can use that next time haha)

 Rules of the challenge:

  • Three quotes for three days.
  • Three nominees each day(no repetition).
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Inform the nominees.

Now my first quote for the three days quotes challenge:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir  Walter Scott.

Just like the nominator, mine’s going to be a tad different. Strict rules are boring, glad I’m not the only one that thinks that.

Origin of the Quote:

This quote was forged from Marmion; (A Tale of Flodden Field) by Walter Scott Esq. This epic book was published in 1808. 

This line comes from Canto VI, XVII in the play. In the story, Lord Marmion is trying to win the favor of a rich lady, Clara de Clare. This lady was already involved with someone else, but Marmion decided to use his position to go forward anyway. He accused the lady’s suitor, Sir Ralph de Wilton, of treason. De Wilton has to then flee the country after a duel. Later, Marmion dies in battle, and Wilton comes back and marries the lady.

What It Means:

This quote simply explains the complex disastrous effects of lying. For a person to lie, he has to have a number of cooked up stories in his head which he has to keep track of to keep the lies going. 

Lying for a fact, has unforeseen consequences. One might tell hitherto “harmless” lies that end up destroying things, people and relationships. Bottom line is, lying leads to successive lies and more chaos.

I remember this from somewhere I can’t recollect;

“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable”.

Lying not only destroys a lot of things, it destroys the person too in the long run especially when the truth surfaces. People think twice or even five times before believing any statement that comes from him. He loses respect and his personality has that tag “liar” imprinted on it. Life is so much more beautiful and peaceful when there’s a lot of honesty in play. Yes; the truth, they say, is bitter but would you rather tell the truth and seek forgiveness or tell a lie and lose yourself?


    Visit these blogs and let their works speak for themselves. 

    And so to borrow from a fellow blogger who borrowed from a fellow blogger and a follower (lol), let the games begin…


    And Again…

    I was going to put up something else today but this completely sabotaged my plans and the funny thing is, I still have another to answer to.

    Okay! So I got nominated again in a single song voice. O’Shine thank you so much for thinking my “cupcakes” cool enough for optical consumption. 

    His blog, O’Shine ORIGINAL, would give you a real hearty laugh and hilarious insights as well (if you’re one who see through words). Do visit the blog as you’ve got a lot to giggle your way through. Keep up the writing O’Shine. 

    Side Notes: 

    • He seems to love countdowns (I wonder why),
    • chuckles a lot,
    • And the only person I’ve seen use kikikkikki instead of hahaha to depict laughter. (Lol)


    Award Rules:

    •  Show the award on your blog
    •  Thank the person that has nominated you
    •  Share 7 different facts about yourself
    •  Nominate 10 – 15 blogs of your choice
    •  Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

    The “Fun” facts:

    • I’m a food enthusiast. Not in the eating arena but in preparation and photography. Don’t you just love good food photos? And cooking is fun (I hope I’m not the only one that thinks that).
    • I’m a book junkie. I gather books unlike most other females. Oh! And I love the smell of new books (weird hunh! Haha)
    • Laziness is a disease. I abhor it. I could sue you for Laziness if it was legal. 
    • Let’s just say I’m an ambivert; more of a wall flower and an optional extrovert.
    • I’m crazy about arts and design; computer based, hand drawn, as long as it’s design and as long as it’s beautiful. Doodling is bae too. You know that moment when you are lost in thoughts but your hands are performing wonders on paper? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.
    Did this a while back. Beautiful? Maybe not but doodling is bae lol.
    • I’ve been told I’m hard to figure out. Well, that’s OK too. I know it takes a good friend to see through the facades you put in place, welcoming or not.


      I love reading posts from all of these blogs and I bet you will too.

      Off to the next one…

      Adios! Hasta mañana. 

      Just For Gags…

      Africa is one beautiful,  enchanting and diverse continent. That’s a lot of colours in the various cultures and traditions; a lot of romp and pomp in our festivities and not to forget the carefully prepared, parotid-inducing, jaw-dropping delicacies prepared to graze our palates.
      If you’ve ever been to a party before (and i mean our Nigerian parties), you’d notice the varieties of things people do. Right now, I’m not all about the invited. The cooks we hire, take some time to check them out. When they’re about to chow, they grab a stool, take some food (rice especially) and their fingers start working their ways between the grains of rice and their gob. Well maybe this is due to the fact that as Africans, we believe the hand is nature’s cutlery. I still don’t know how to eat rice with my fingers after successive attempts though. I wonder how I’d learn to use chopsticks then (I’m not giving up). Je suis Nigerienne, so why not? 

      Recently, I was fortunate to have attended a conference and I couldn’t help but notice a few things especially how people devoured their meals,  relishing every bit of it. Their mouth movements and tongue actions provided a fantastic scenery for one with a purpose such as mine (God help me). You see, I’ve been looking to find an avenue to observe this but I almost always found my position too revealing. But here, my partially enclosed space was perfect. No one was there to question my antics so I was fine (freedom at last!).

      Most of the time, except you grill your chicken/turkey at home or you get at eateries, if you’re being supplied food for an event, the topping is super fried and I mean super fried be it fish, beef or chicken. You know, super fried is cool if you want to eat one piece endlessly but to think that this is served at official functions, these people are impossible.  An average Nigerian would reveal his posh side when he’s at functions like that. On top of the extensively fried “animal”, they’d gift you fork and knife (instead of a bowl of water, in my opinion). 

      Now back to our conference. These two elderly men were served, what was it again! , rice with our nicely fried chicken and every other condiment a person could possibly want. Beside their plates were carefully arranged cutleries. They grabbed their forks and knives and started munching. I was lazily tapping away on my phone, giving them absolutely minute attention until I heard two things; the sounds their mouths were making (don’t judge me) and the noisily insistent sounds their forks and knives were making with the delicate ceramic. I took 5 minutes to watch them battle with the “chicken” in question. They used some monstrous energy trying to cut this pieces that I sat in wonderment, mouth agape. “Why stress yourself this much when you can use your hands”, I thought to myself and to think that 65% of this would reside in the trash was disturbing. 

      Eons later(exaggerated), they finished up, tidied themselves and left. The leftover chicken still on the plates. Life is a never ending series, you watch new episodes everyday. As for me though, after carefully noting the absence of people,  I tore at my chicken like a famished canivore. Wicked hunh, yeah😆.

      PS: This was just to provide for a nice read and not to insult anyone in the process.

      Another PS: It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny.

      Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

      Yay! Thanks a lot wanderlust for this beautiful, beautiful nomination. You see, it’s the first I’ve ever received. Yo people! check out her blog. It’s amazing I tell you. 

      Side note: She’s really sweet.

      I’m massively grateful for the recognition and if you call yours “chocolates”, I call mine “cupcakes” winks. I do hope they “taste sweeter” each time I share them especially with those delicious creamy toppings.

      I really, really wish I could nominate you too.

      The Rules:

      1. Thank the person that nominated you.
      2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
      3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
      4. Give them 10 questions to answer.

      Now let’s get down to business, shall we?

      1.  If you were to live another person’s life, whose would it be and why?

      No one else’s. My life is just wonderful as it is. People are fickle and so not flawless. There are a lot of side attractions that engage people, making them seem radiant and trouble-free. We all know what we have to deal with, how unhappy we are about certain issues, our vices. Trust me, if living someone else’s life would rid me of troubles, I’d jump at it. What is the use of wanting to live another person’s life and go through the person’s problems. We’d run into some quagmire at some point in our lives. It’s inevitable. 

      2.  Favorite film of any genre and why.

      I love a lot of movies, I’m having a hard time picking one. Okay then, let’s go with “Spectre”.  It’s an action, suspense-laden, adrenaline-pumping, dry-throat inducing and you-just-can’t-tear-your-eyes-off-the-screen kind of movie. I’m not a fan of mushy romantic movies so I go for a lot of action both the ones that involve guns and bombings and oh! races too and the ones that are martial art related.

      3.  Musician or lyricist? Which would you prefer?


      4.  What super power would you choose to have?

      I would love a lot but let me crop out one here; “some monstrous brain power”.  I mean, I need to be a genius. Lol.

      5.  What songs and/or which artists are in your playlist?

      You want an honest answer? Errm, you wouldn’t know who “Abdullah Matrood”, “Saad Al Ghamidi” and “Mishary Rasheed Al Afasy” because they are reciters (they recite the Qur’an ). Yes, I’m a muslim and a proud one too.

      6.  What do you think is the greatest weakness of mankind?

      Fear. Man is in perpetual fear of something or someone irrespective of how much we ignore it. We fear what the future has in store that we don’t fully explore our God-given potentials. We’re scared of failure that we don’t even try to do something different, we’re afraid of people thinking of us as obtuse that we don’t voice our opinions, we’re afraid of how the society would see us if we decide to be honest with them, we’re horrified that this people would think of us as stubborn if we stand on our opinions that we don’t even try to make them, we’re terrified of aging and getting wrinkly that we just ruin that skin before its time, infact, we’re afraid of almost everything.

      We have to understand that to be successful, we have to make mistakes. Great minds have a lot of ideas that go down the drain before at least one becomes a hit. Failure they say is success turned inside out. Your opinions could save a lot of people,  including you, a lot of stress. Voice out, if it doesn’t work this time, it sure will next time. Don’t bury your idea in the ghettos of your mind, express it. Let it change someone’s life, let it change your life.

      7.  In a word, describe my blog and say why.


      You’ve got beautiful write ups there. Some of common knowledge and others rare. But you have a way of renewing issues with your words. Your approach sometimes are unusual (The solitary man), but they end up beautifully and that itself is impressive.

      8.  Can you please critique any or one of my posts and tell me how I might be able to improve if I do ever feel like writing one like it some time soon?

      I’ve read too many of your posts that I don’t know which to pick. The only issue I might have had, you’ve addressed it. 

      Solemn is cool if that’s your niche but there are happy places too.
      9.  If I had amnesia, how would you make me remember you? Assume that we have known each other for as long as necessary.

      Tough one. Amnesia comes in many “flavours”. If it was treatable,  I’d bring you flowers everyday (since I love them, you’d have seen them around me a lot), I’d relive the things we did together (into detail), action filled movies would be a go to and my face, oh! my face, you’d see it everyday.

      10.  If everything starts with a lie, what yours?

      Hey! Life’s without problems, did you know that?  Just grab some chocolates, ice cream (vanilla tastest great ai) and just have fun all the days of your life. I hope someone doesn’t punch me in the face for this 

      Nominees! drum rolls please

      I’m not entirely sure how many people I’m supposed to select but I picked some people anyway. If I didn’t pick you, not to worry, your blog makes sense too. You’re unique in your special ways. This list is in no particular order, I love their works. It’s a truckload of fun going through these blogs, I mean, you’d enjoy yourself. I could start blurbing these blogs but they speak for themselves. Visit, will ya!

      Mahn! I can’t wait to see your responses.

      Now on to my questions:

      1. What’s your favourite quote and why?
      2. Do you read books? What kind of books and why?
      3. Who’s your favourite author.
      4. Books or Movies, which is your preference? Why?
      5. What was the toughest decision you’ve ever had to make.
      6. What does your blog mean to you?
      7. Who’s your favourite person and why?
      8. Is there anything like “bestfriends”? what is your own idea of one. 
      9. Do you think that sometimes sacrifices aren’t really sacrifices. Why?
      10. Describe my blog. 

      Let her beautiful golden rays touch some hearts 😊.

      For the depressed…

      • When you are supposed to be way ahead and you’re way behind and you’re dissed by the secondaries. Just watch. Time would tell. 
      • You, my dear, only you can make yourself the best with His help.  Don’t let them get to you. You’re the best, yes you are.
      • To those with cholera-infested mouths, beware! Not everything is a person’s handiwork. There’s divine decree in play here.
      • Success in itself is a test which people fail the most. When your success is at hand, my dear, remember you’ve once been at the other end of the table. Don’t allow it intoxicate you. It was never by your power, it was His mercy.
      • Some people have it worse. Patience, Perseverance, Gratitude always.
      • My dear, overlook the disrespect, disappointment, let down looks, insults, assumptions, comparisons. They’d shape you into that “formidable high” you’re going to be.
      • Life isn’t always smooth. It’s a roller coaster ride. Don’t lose yourself in the trough, be that diamond at the peak.
      • You’re not a fool for apologising even when you know you’ve done nothing wrong. Just chill a little, there’s lot of goodness awaiting you.
      •  Let them run their mouths. Stay silent unless and until it is absolutely necessary and allow only beautiful words tumble out. Let your outspoken words be expensive, very expensive.
      • Not every action requires an equal and opposite reaction, no. No matter how badly you’re treated by some people, don’t lose your head. Be nicer, be the better person.
      • Don’t expect too much from your buddies. Everyone has something that’s taking their time too. If they remember you, it just defines how important you are to them despite their issues or schedules. If not, let go (of any grudge you might have).
      • Live to please God because apart from Him,honestly,  you have no one else you can really rely on. 

      I’ve found a lot of not really happy people around and I felt obliged to do this for them. Life might  seem difficult and triumph a little far off but with time, you’d get so near you’d grab it with your bare hands. Being sad or depressed is only going to make your troubles visible to people; friends and foes alike. Some just want to listen  to your story and tell it to others, some don’t have the power to change your situation, some that might have the power, can’t sacrifice their time for you; so, why should you let them see you in distress? You are your best friend.

      This is a passing phase, you’d get through it, trust me. And when that phase is over, you’d be so glad you were patient enough to see and feel the goodness and bliss after.

      I might not have so much power to turn things around but I hope these words brought into your hearts some hope.

      (P.S: I know it’s been a while. Please pardon my laziness.)

      Throes of Survival.



      Destitutes they were, those gems uncovered
      The ores unrefined, so was their look
      The ghettos their homes; dark and dingy
      Assumed to be of trivial value
      Treated like they were the opposites of homo sapiens
      Their lives of constant struggles, not a sham

      Dawn breaks, they’re out of their dwellings
      To school, no; the streets, aye!
      Hawking goods through the day
      Right in the middle of Lagos roads
      Charging after cars in the moving traffic
      For the meagre amount they hope to realize
      A thousand beads of sweat adorning their faces
      Their clobber drenched in their own perspiration

      Racing themselves in the midst of moving wheels
      And roaring playful malisons against themselves
      They’ve made the job their funfair
      Laughing at their own clumsiness
      They soon forget their sore shapes
      After the days’ deals, they cluster and chatter
      A bevy of young bright individuals

      Filthy and sweaty; to their shelters they return
      Their ensemble bedecked with sweat stains
      Farmished and spent; their belliies they settle
      Then they fade into oblivion – to Camelot
      Their abodes of tranquil and abundance
      Signs of their long, hard struggles no longer evident

      Exposed to the harshest of realities
      A ray of hope in their foggy days
      They live their lives, smiles adorning their worn faces
      Daily earnings – their turning points
      And they seem to share more than the rich
      Mankind is so obtuse
      For they treat these jewels with open disdain

      A lot of car-owning, ego-pumping individuals look down on people who sell their wares between traffic, by the roadside.  This, amigos, does not apply to the rich alone but to every common individual; middle-class or poor. In a lot of ways, these people (the hawkers- for lack of a better word) are so much better than those who sit in the comfort of their homes  and extort people or those who openly snatch people’s properties or………fill in every other vice you know. These ones  spend what is called “clean cash“, the generous rewards of their actual struggle. This portion of their lives, I believe, is polishing them for greater, better things (this much I know). It is saddening that some young, agile, completely healthy  individuals have adopted the “beggars’ style“. Did anyone ever say greatness comes cheap? Our lives could be likened to an ore, quite raw at first. Before the gold is extracted, it has to go through some massive heat. We all would encounter our tests, like it or not. Making life easy for someone struggling to survive brews a kind of sweetness and satisfaction
      within ones’ soul, at least I think so. If you are in the “rich kid” crew, make the most of it (in a good way), it’s a privilege some others can’t afford.
      PS: In the midst of a traffic at Ikeja, I met a man who had his lower extremities paralyzed legs. His job – assisting traffic officials.
      …….for the laborer is worthy of his hire!

      We Mend Ourselves!

      #DailyPost Born and bred by no-nonsense parents, we all grew up thinking we’ve been made. In our self-reliance, we think we have what it takes to not be morally lax. Parents believe they have done the best jobs; their strictness – their positive push, so they think.
      In my not too short life, I’ve observed that the rigidity, most of the time is counterproductive. Yes, parents try, they really do but the methods they employ go long way in moulding an individual. “The strictest parents have the most secretive kids” – whether I read this up somewhere or cooked it up, I remember not but one thing I realize is this is truer than true. Individuals in this category could adopt two different lifestyles; one of advancement and another of regression.
      Asides parental influence, most people mould themselves (with the help of God, that is). Inflicted with the disease – “peer influence”, not all those brought up by high handed parents thrive. I’ve realized that a lot of people take their lives into their hands. Beyond what they have been raised to be, they add functional values to themselves. Building and rebuilding oneself, I tell you, is not an easy task. Staying sane is so much more difficult than being a slapdash.
      Another thing I’ve noticed is the vulture culture people have adopted, quick to point out people’s errors. Sometimes, people make costly mistakes before they “come back”, so what. We are all made humans, we would make mistakes and we, most definitely, would learn from them. Who we are now is what matters not who we were.
      I stumbled upon this beautiful piece on Instagram yesterday;

      “She was a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her cracks while missing the beauty of how she made herself whole again – J.M. Storm”

      Just like cracks give a pot some queer beauty, scars make a person beautiful. It is proof that one has lived. It is an evidence of ones’ imperfections.

      One thing I know is life is a learning process. You build and rebuild yourself every step of the way. As they say! “Change is constant”, humans are no exception.

      Sorry this came a little late. Network is a botch around here.