It was that era

The time of destruction

Lead, fired, executed

By a single man

A knight of the night

A warrior in black cloak

One who has broken free

From the shackles of mortality

Simple yet dangerous

It was that era

When the single man

Watched and laughed

At the brilliant chaos

Right before his eyes

Luminous street lamps

A million heads in view

Armoured tanks and bomb shells

An entrance and barricades

Assuming their partial,interim places

Fearless and dauntless

The soldiers would match

To the death or to live again

For camelot or for what’s not

Fight, they must

Defying all odds

And even the grim reaper’s

I honestly don’t know if this title fits the description. I wrote this sometime ago and here I am sharing it with you guys. 

Poetry is beautiful, I tell you. Don’t scroll past this. Enjoy!