Blue Devils.

Earlier today, whilst sorting some of the books and jotters I had, I came across some poems I wrote. 

Hey! Wait there before you turn your back on that word. I know it’s the most unlikely go-to for a number of people but this was how I started writing. This is my niche too. Poetry is my everyday love;  random poetry, Islamic ones (not necessarily here but on other platforms ). So before you toss this, give it a try will ya! 

Standing up, gaze afar 

Mesmerised by the beauteous creation 

Lost in thoughts, in your own world 

On your own, finding your way 

The winds and tides tilting edgeways 

And the gentle tap of life’s hard knock 

Squatting again, tears abound 

Eyes as red, as red and hot 

Chewing over the inadequacies of man 

Woe betides the ungodly folk 

The real bete noire is thine own self 

Pushing and pulling with no hint of hit 

Piles on Piles, life’s storage is stacked 

With loads of files save it’s deleted 

Even when it’s brought to near nothingness 

Enough can still be salvaged somehow 

Life’s hurts can be forgotten – ephemeral 

Its grip after a while is profound 

“It’s a hard knock life “, a young girl sang 

A foster kid with little hope 

“As long as there’s life, hope is there”

Reviewing a quote I once read 

Ironies of it all so vividly clear 

This hope they lose and gut themselves 

The gentle tap, the red flag 

Before the hard knock heavily descended 

Not tickled pink I guess, it’s all that afterall 

The insecurities of life 

Is whitewashed with a smile 

Only when we see the world 

Through rose coloured glasses 

Hope you enjoyed this little adventure in Jason Statham’s voice. Now before anyone starts talking to me about football clubs, here’s what blue devils mean ( in my arena ).

blue devils

noun plural

: low spirits : despondency


  • eating alone always gives me a fit of the blue devils

First use1781



Until next time friends. Have a great night/weekend!